Why Search Engine Optimization is a SCAM! 
July 4, 2023
SEO Scam

Search Engine Optimization is a SCAM! 


SEO Scam - via Fiverr


Above is a message I received from someone on Fiverr. Sounds like a great offer, right?

It is until you realize either you have already done most of this work on your own, as the WordPress Site Administrator, working with Google Console, to get your pages and blog posts indexed. And it was all minimal. Like using a plug-in to create an XML sitemap and submitting it.

Or manually submitting new blog articles to be indexed, a process that takes barely 2 minutes of your time:

Google Console - Request to Add URL For Indexing

Google Console – Request to Add URL For Indexing


I’d imagine every site has some console / SEO errors attached to it.. but are they really errors? Or intended? And if fixed, would it make any difference to Google Search? 

At this point in my blogging venture, I don’t think so. Why? Because I think WordPress is designed to already have a high level of SEO built into it. For this site, we do not even have an SEO plug-in.

In this article, let’s explore the reasons why SEO is a scam, leaving you to waste a lot of money on something that will happen naturally to your site over time and or are small tasks that you can complete yourself, based on the content you generate, just being mindful of some best practices on how to write SEO-focused content.


Changing Search Engine Algorithms

One of the main arguments against the significance of SEO lies in the constantly evolving nature of search engine algorithms. Search engines like Google employ complex algorithms that are designed to provide users with the most relevant and high-quality content. Over time, these algorithms have become increasingly sophisticated, making it harder for traditional SEO tactics to yield consistent results. Consequently, relying solely on SEO can be an exercise in futility, as search engine algorithms can quickly render established techniques obsolete.


User-Centric Content Creation

Rather than focusing solely on SEO, experts argue that creating user-centric content should take precedence. By prioritizing the needs and preferences of your target audience, you can build a loyal following and encourage organic sharing and engagement. Quality content that offers value to readers will naturally attract inbound links, social media mentions, and traffic without resorting to keyword stuffing or other manipulative SEO techniques. Ultimately, a user-centric approach can lead to more sustainable, long-term success than relying on SEO alone.


Alternative Marketing Channels

The rise of social media platforms and other alternative marketing channels has diminished the perceived necessity of SEO. These platforms allow businesses to directly engage with their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive traffic without solely relying on search engine rankings. By diversifying your marketing efforts across multiple channels, you can tap into different audiences and reduce your dependency on SEO as the primary driver of traffic and conversions.


Paid Advertising

While traditional SEO aims to improve organic search rankings, paid advertising provides a direct and immediate way to drive traffic to your website. Platforms such as Google Ads and social media advertising offer targeted advertising options that can effectively reach your desired audience. By strategically allocating your marketing budget towards paid advertising campaigns, you can bypass the slow and uncertain process of relying on organic search rankings to generate traffic.


Evolving Search Behavior

The way users interact with search engines has evolved significantly in recent years. Voice search, mobile search, and personalized search results have all altered the landscape in which SEO operates. Optimizing solely for search engines may not be effective when users are increasingly seeking direct answers or relying on voice assistants for search queries. Understanding and adapting to these changing search behaviors may prove more fruitful than investing heavily in SEO strategies that may not align with evolving user preferences.


The Bottom Line 

Google algorithms are complex things to understand. And when it comes to the algorithms used for SEO purposes they are not only complex but are also very dynamic in nature and evolving over time. Google stated there are over 200 algorithms leveraged when evaluating a site or page for search ranking purposes. While you may be knowledgeable on some of these aspects, how can you GUARANTEE better search results?

While SEO has long been considered an essential part of online marketing, it is important to recognize the shifting dynamics of the digital landscape. Search engine algorithms, user preferences, and the emergence of alternative marketing channels have all contributed to the argument that SEO is not as critical as it once was. By focusing on user-centric content creation, diversifying marketing efforts, utilizing paid advertising, and adapting to evolving search behaviors, businesses can achieve success without solely relying on traditional SEO tactics. Ultimately, a balanced and adaptable approach that prioritizes user experience and engages with multiple marketing channels will yield more sustainable results in the long run.


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