Staffing Agency Permanently Closed

Did you know that 9 out of 10 staffing agencies/recruiting firms startups fail?

As opposed to closing your staffing agency / recruiting firm for good, what if it could live on in a different form? Dayfoxx Resources would like to partner with you to achieve this continuity. 

How Would This Work? 

1. Existing Clients. Existing client agreement would be reviewed for synergy, viability, tenure, and profitability. If the existing client relationship is deemed of merit by the Dayfoxx Resources Leadership Team, and the client is in agreement to be transferred, all NDA, SOWs, Client Services Agreement, SLAs would be transferred over to Dayfoxx Resources.

Dayfoxx Resources would have formal introductions with all clients — with YOU in attendance — to achieve a smooth transition. 

Dayfoxx Resources Accounts Receivable would accept all future invoice payments. 

2. Existing Headcount. Existing headcount consists of W-4 Contractors (temps) or W-9 (project based) Consultants presently on assignment. Dayfoxx Resources would absorb these resources into their current payroll/timekeeping systems. 

Dayfoxx Resources would notify each resource of the company change. 

3. Existing Employees. Your existing internal business development employees are welcome to apply for an internal role with Dayfoxx Resources. 

Dayfoxx Resources would be the sole owner of the book of business belonging to the business development associate. 


Dayfoxx Resources, Why Not Just Buy Us Outright?

To be clear, Dayfoxx Resources is solely interested in your existing revenue-generating assets and client base. We are not seeking physical assets, your exiting working capital, or to acquire debt. That is yours to keep. 


How Would I Be Compensated?

Compensation would be based on percentages that we agree upon. Each time a Direct Hire, Contractor, or Consultant is placed your percentage would trigger. Each time a Consulting contract or an Outsourced Deliverable is executed, again, your percentage would trigger. 


How Do I Know My Clients Relationships Would Be Treated Well By Dayfoxx Resources?

Dayfoxx Resources offers a multitude of outsourced service verticals and workforce solutions — not to mention our vast recruiting teams. 

Please refer to our Company Overview page. 

In addition, it would be of interest to you to review our Channel Partners Program


Contact Dayfoxx Resources Today Regarding the Asset Purchase Program!

Contact Dayfoxx Resources Today Regarding the Asset Purchase Program!