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What What is Volume Sourcing

Can I Ask You 5 Questions?

  • Do you have difficulties securing internal resources for our recruitment functions?
  • Are you experiencing longer fill times due to requisitions for more scarce skills?
  • Have you lost most of our recruiters during the economic downturn?
  • Are you experiencing high turnover rates shortly after hires are onboarded?
  • Do you have robust talent marketing and candidate relationship management strategies in place?

An RPO could address all these challenges.


Some companies say they devote around 30 hours over 4 weeks just to recruit one employee. Others say that senior-level positions are closer to 40 hours over a 6-8 week period. 


If your business is constantly looking to hire more employees, recruiting could easily be a full-time job. Each day could be spent searching for and contacting candidates, screening applicants, interviewing finalists, conducting (or following up with) reference and background checks, and then making and communicating a hiring decision. 


What is “Volume Sourcing?” 

What could you do with a dedicated Dayfoxx Resources recruiter focusing on your most hard-to-fill job requestions… or requestions that have remained inactive for months? How about 10 Dayfoxx Resources dedicated recruiters? Now imagine a team of 30! We’re ready to drive those types of results for you!

This is a revolutionary new concept created by Dayfoxx Resources called ‘VOLUME SOURCING‘ that we know will remove the backload of positions that have been clogging your Careers section for months.

The best part is that this is a FREE SERVICE. You only pay us a placement fee when Dayfoxx Resources has found the perfect candidate for you.

We’re aware of the challenges in the industry, particularly companies cutting their recruiting teams. We’re also aware of the impact a loss of productivity, low morale, and burnout a perpetually vacant role can have on a company and its loyal employees.


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Time Efficiency

Time is a critical factor in talent acquisition, and RPO can significantly expedite the hiring process. With a dedicated team focused solely on recruitment, companies can reduce time-to-fill metrics, ensuring that vacant positions are filled promptly.

RPO providers often use advanced technology and data analytics to streamline processes, identify suitable candidates, and enhance overall efficiency in the hiring pipeline.

Scalability and Flexibility

Companies experiencing fluctuating hiring needs can benefit greatly from RPO. With a dedicated team of recruiters at their disposal, organizations can easily scale their recruitment efforts up or down based on demand.

RPO providers can quickly adapt to changes in hiring volume, ensuring that companies maintain an agile and responsive approach to workforce planning.