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What is meant by recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)?

RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcing. It is a business model whereby a company outsources the management of the recruitment function (in whole or part) to a third-party specialist to drive cost, quality, efficiency, service, and scalability benefits.

An RPO provider, like Dayfoxx Resources, acts as an in-house recruiter for several businesses, providing efficiency and flexibility to their recruitment process. It relieves employers and HR professionals of administrative burdens and delivers a seamless, high-touch experience for job candidates.

We breathe new life into corporate roles that may have lied dormant for weeks or months, providing a fresh and vibrant pipeline of new candidates.

The third party RPO vendor is responsible for sourcing, attracting and recruiting talent into that organization. When partnering with a quality provider, RPO can transform your talent acquisition metrics across the board and deliver best practice outcomes for your recruitment function. Engaging an RPO can help you reduce time to hire by 40 per cent and deliver cost savings of more than 50% in year one.



What can you expect from an RPO partnership?

Partnering with a trusted RPO provider can help your business unlock a world of opportunity and transform the way you attract, recruit, and retain talent.


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