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As a small staffing agency, independent recruiter firm, or outsourced HR services advisory, how much bandwidth do you normally have to commit to a project? Have you ever had to pass on an opportunity?

What if you could scale your business to adjust to a client’s need for more contractors/consultants for projects? More subject matter experts? More recruiters? What if they could outsource services to you like HR, Benefits, and Payroll?

As a Channel Partner of Dayfoxx Resources, we help you to address all of these needs. You will now have the power to PERSONALLY provide your client significantly more essential services and staff. Imagine monetizing all the opportunity in your professional network! We have you covered!


1. Your Very Own Recruiting Department

We provide you the opportunity to build your own personal recruiting team, who are paid solely on the opportunities you assign them to fill, based on placements, not bloated salaries or hourly rates.

We have you covered! At Dayfoxx Resources, we have the capability to build and dissolve recruiting teams quickly as they are teams of Independent Contractor Recruiters, not employees. And the best part is you pick which recruiters have the sourcing background that more closely aligns with the complexities of your client’s current and future job qualifications in IT, Engineering, Healthcare, Finance/Accounting, Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, HR/HCM Application Technology, etc.

2. Your Very Own Payroll Department | Resource Financing 

Have you ever wanted to branch out to filling W-4 Contractors (Temps) or W-9 Consultants (Project-Based) roles?

It is a financial burden to carry significant headcount on your payroll, am I right? How are you going to cover all those earnings until the client gets around to paying their invoices? Do you have that kind of capital lying around?

We have you covered! We will payroll as large of a headcount that you can fill — regardless of where the company operates and were your new hire resides.

Dayfoxx Resources even offers timesheet capabilities to your resources on assignment and grants you access to track the weekly hours of all your current (and past) headcount!

3. Your Very Own Onboarding Department

Have a candidate that just received an offer? We will background check them, drug test them, and facilitate all the necessary employment documentation to keep you in full compliance.

We have you covered! So you can focus on your core business.

Forget “Balance.” The Secret to Happiness is Alignment. | by Verna Myers |  Medium


4. Your Very Own Accounts Receivable / Billing Department

Placement percentages, Mark-Up percentages, Pay Rates, Bill Rates, Invoicing Terms, Pay Periods, Contractor/Consultant Hours Worked, Invoicing Frequency, Accounts Receivable… it can all be hard to manage.

We have you covered! We take care of this entire process so all parties are properly renumerated for all their time and efforts, efficiently and on time!

5. Your very own Business Development Team

We provide business development services for staffing/recruiting/HR startups to help them grow their businesses, increase sales and generate more leads. Our team provides a wide range of business development services tailor for the needs of your startup ranging from expansion support, marketing consulting and sales consulting to setting strategic partnerships and many other services that are designed for enhancing the business performance and addressing the main problems that your startups are facing.



6. Your Very Own Legal Department

Master Service Agreements, Statements of Work, Client Service Agreements, Contractor/Employee Agreements, Partner Agreements, Amendments, Client-Driven Stipulations, Complex Clauses — We have you covered! 

7. Your Very Own Website Designer

Looking for a WordPress Developer to build your online your online presence? — We have you covered! The Developer will help you design a top-tier website filled with functionality and usefulness that will turn heads and drive business!

8. Your Very Own Digital Marketing Team

Want to impress potential clients? Have a digital marketing strategy! Target a broad line of services, a specific benefit, a whole industry, or a specific client! Stunning templates and effective content will seal the deal! — We have you covered!

9. Your Very Own QuickBooks Certified Tax Accountant

QuickBooks Accounting and Bookkeeping Services will streamline your business finances for optimal performance. From meticulous bookkeeping to accurate financial reporting — We have you covered! Focus on your core business while we handle the numbers. Choose Dayfoxx Resources for efficient and reliable accounting solutions. Let’s pave the way to financial excellence together!


10. Dayfoxx Resources HCM Division: HR and IT Technology Applications

Dayfoxx Resources excels in consulting within the HR Technology and IT space, specializing in implementations, large-scale projects, data management, reporting, and optimizing system capabilities for mature programs. 

Our strategic approach focuses on aligning technology applications with organizational objectives, fostering innovation, and optimization of current system functionality.

Systems include: 

HRIS: Workday, SuccessFactors, Workforce Now, UKG, Dayforce

ATS: iCIMS, Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters

LMS: Cornerstone OnDemand, Docebo

ERP: Microsoft Dynamics, S/4 HANA, NetSuite

Procurement: Ariba, Fusion, Coupa, Infor 

CRM | ITIL | ITSM: Salesforce, ServiceNow, JIRA 

11. Additional Perks

We have you covered! We offer Benefits to eligible internal staff and all W-4 Contractors! From healthcare to vision to dental to 401(k) to life insurance!

Want to incentive your headcount to report to you about upcoming projects and other openings when they are “boots on the ground” with the client? We have you covered! We reward your active headcount with a generous financial reward when a rumor becomes a reality! It’s called the Dayfoxx Resources Ambassador Program.

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Contact Dayfoxx Resources Today Regarding the Channel Partners Program!

Contact Dayfoxx Resources Today Regarding the Channel Partners Program!