Candidate Pipeline

Would an RPO Partner Improve My Company’s Talent Managment Strategy?

How Does RPO Work?

Recruiting is the ongoing process of identifying, acquiring, assessing, and hiring employees. It involves recruiters, sourcers, Human Resources, and hiring managers.

  1. Market Analysis: Talent acquisition experts will evaluate the current talent supply and demand, as well as market conditions in order to develop a recruiting strategy to meet current and forecasted needs.
  2. Screening: Screening ensures that recruiters present clients with only fully vetted candidates. This step in the process is often automated, creating a seamless candidate experience that increases efficiency and reduces time-to-fill.
  3. Recruiting: RPO recruiters create a strong pipeline of excellent candidates. Throughout the hiring process, recruiters act in the best interest of a company’s employer brand and ensure a positive candidate experience.
  4. Offer Management: RPO recruiting teams have the ability to maintain both automated and live touchpoints with candidates to share important information about their new role and keep them engaged leading up to their start date.
  5. Reporting: Recruiters will work with each client to define the appropriate metrics, such as cost per hire or time to fill, as well as predictive analytics that drive the performance of the engagement.


What is the Goal of Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

The goal of RPO is to provide tools & technology when needed while becoming an extension of a company’s team. RPO frees up time and resources, allowing companies to focus on other high priority initiatives.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is not just a hiring strategy, but an overall business strategy that helps you best tackle time, productivity, and profitability issues.

For short-term needs, RPO can help with opening a new facility or launching a new product. RPO can also help with targeted needs such as diversity candidates. Or, RPO can restructure your entire hiring process.


How is RPO Priced?

Successful recruiting costs your business assets such as people, time, and money. RPO frees up time and resources, allowing companies to focus on other high-priority initiatives. In RPO, all your many hiring costs are rolled into a single cost, so you know what expenses are coming down the pipeline every month.

All services are built into the scope of the RPO, so companies have a set fee for budgets. This fee typically ends up costing 60% to 75% less than the cost of engaging a traditional staffing firm.

This is especially important when many businesses are experiencing budget decreases, leading to high time-to-fill, high turnover, and high cost-per-hire. Companies leveraging talent outsourcing through Orion Talent result in an average reduction in time-to-fill of 15 days, and an average reduction in recruiting costs of 35%.


Are there different types of RPO?

Our customized recruiting solutions are built on our industry expertise, our military DNA, and unmatched access to the right ready-now candidates. Striking the optimal balance of technology-enabled efficiencies and high-touch client engagement, we create a premium level experience for each and every customer we serve.

1. Enterprise Recruitment Process Outsourcing

From requisition to onboarding, Enterprise RPO offers recruitment expertise and scalability while being completely aligned with your company culture.


What is Enterprise RPO?

In Enterprise RPO, our team becomes an extension of your organization as we transform your talent acquisition and recruitment process. This full-service offering leverages our forward-looking sourcing, recruiting tactics, and best practices to effectively and efficiently manage each element of a talent acquisition strategy. Enterprise RPO is a comprehensive, customizable, and scalable recruitment solution.

2. Project Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Project RPO is the way to go for companies that have a specific talent acquisition project like recruiting a new team for a new product line or new facility. Learn about Project RPO with Orion Talent and what staffing scenarios are best solved with a project-based recruiting approach.


→ What is Project RPO?

If you have ever had a short-term need for extra recruiting bandwidth but did not have the team in place, Project RPO could be the answer. In Project RPO, a business engages a provider for a talent acquisition need with defined goals within a specific scope and timeline.

3. Contingent Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Contingent RPO works as an extension of your talent acquisition department and supplies contingent labor using recruiters dedicated to your company.

→ What is Contingent RPO?

Contingent RPO is a hybrid recruiting model that applies the power of RPO to contingent hiring needs. A dedicated team of experienced recruiters builds a unique talent pipeline of contingent labor for your company based on your specific needs, allowing you to focus long-term hiring strategies.