Ceridian Dayforce vs. UKG? Let’s Compare.
June 17, 2023
Ceridian Dayforce vs UKG

With the increasing complexity of HR operations, it’s essential for companies to adopt advanced HR technology solutions that streamline processes, enhance employee engagement, and optimize workforce management.

In this article, we’ll explore why Ceridian Dayforce stands out as the superior choice over UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), offering a comprehensive suite of features and functionality that empower businesses to transform their HR operations.


Unified HR and Payroll Platform

Ceridian Dayforce offers an integrated HR and payroll platform that consolidates all aspects of HR management into a single system. This consolidation eliminates data silos, reduces administrative burden, and enhances data accuracy. In contrast, UKG relies on separate modules for HR and payroll, potentially leading to data discrepancies and increased complexity in managing HR processes.


User-Friendly Interface and Accessibility

Dayforce boasts a user-friendly interface that ensures an intuitive user experience, allowing HR professionals and employees to navigate the system effortlessly. Its modern and visually appealing design promotes ease of use and boosts overall productivity. Furthermore, Dayforce’s cloud-based architecture allows secure access to HR information and self-service functionality from any device, enabling flexible remote work scenarios. UKG, on the other hand, may have a steeper learning curve for users due to its older interface and lack of mobile-friendly features.


Advanced Workforce Management Capabilities

Ceridian Dayforce offers a wide array of advanced workforce management capabilities that empower organizations to effectively manage their workforce. These features include robust scheduling tools, absence management, labor forecasting, and compliance monitoring. The comprehensive suite of workforce management functionality enables businesses to optimize labor costs, improve scheduling accuracy, and maintain compliance with labor regulations. UKG, while offering similar features, may lack the same level of flexibility and depth in its workforce management offerings.


AI-Powered Insights and Analytics

One of the key advantages of Ceridian Dayforce is its integration of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Dayforce leverages AI to provide actionable insights and analytics, helping HR professionals make data-driven decisions. These AI-powered features enable organizations to identify trends, predict workforce needs, and optimize HR strategies for enhanced business outcomes. While UKG also offers analytics capabilities, Dayforce’s AI-driven insights provide a competitive edge in terms of strategic workforce planning.

Choosing the Right HRIS System

Seamless Integration and Scalability

Ceridian Dayforce offers seamless integration with various third-party systems, allowing organizations to leverage existing technology investments. The open architecture and extensive API support facilitate easy integration with other HR applications, such as recruiting, learning management, and benefits administration. Moreover, Dayforce’s scalable infrastructure caters to the evolving needs of growing businesses, ensuring optimal performance even as the organization expands. UKG may have limitations in terms of integration capabilities and scalability.


Global HR Functionality

For organizations with a global presence, Ceridian Dayforce excels in providing comprehensive global HR functionality. With multi-language and multi-currency support, Dayforce enables companies to manage their global workforce seamlessly. The system complies with various local labor laws and regulations, simplifying international HR processes. UKG may offer international capabilities, but Dayforce’s global HR functionality sets it apart in terms of global HR management.



On April 1, 2020, Ultimate Software and Kronos merged to create one of the larger players in the HCM market.

Premerger, Ultimate Software Group was touted as a potential disruptor in the marketplace, exerting pricing pressure and providing a competitive alternative to the likes of Workday.

However, recently we have seen a trend in their pricing models which move them away from the disruptor category to behave more like one of the established market dominant players. Translation: their combination gives them more market share and they are now raising prices.

This translates into their value proposition being less reliant on price, and more a direct solution comparison to the other providers. Due to this, they are no longer positioning as the lower cost alternative with a comparable solution.

When compared to Dayforce’s lower PEPM (Per Employee Per Month) model, choosing Dayforce, you receive both superior functionality and at a better value! 



The Bottom Line

In the realm of HR technology solutions, Ceridian Dayforce emerges as the superior choice over UKG. Its unified HR and payroll platform, user-friendly interface, advanced workforce management capabilities, AI-powered insights, seamless integration, and global HR functionality make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to streamline their HR operations and drive employee engagement. By adopting Ceridian Dayforce, organizations can harness the power of next-gen HR management and position themselves for success in an increasingly competitive market.


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