7 Things White Men Should Never Do When Dating A Black Girl! – Part One
June 9, 2023
White men dating Black women. Interracial Dating.

(This is part one of a two-part series.)

Are you interested in dating a Black girl? Well, that’s awesome! It’s not that complicated, but still, let’s supply you with 7 things not to do to help you to achieve the outcome you are hoping for!

As someone White who has dated Black women EXCLUSIVELY for his entire life, let me pass this knowledge onto you. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section.

Let’s jump right into it!


#1 – Do not tell her she is the first Black girl you have dated.

Nobody wants to be an experiment or suspicious of your intentions. Black women are frequently oversexualized and thought of as being freaky and promiscuous already, and she knows you are fully aware of that! She’ll easily suspect that you are only here to satisfy your curiosity!


#2 Do not tell her how different she is from other Black women. 

This implies your belief that the typical Black woman is unattractive, unintelligent, and unworthy of anyone’s time. She’ll be pressured to not be herself for fear that being ordinary just isn’t good enough!


#3 Do not conjure up controversial elements making their rounds on social media.  

We are all familiar with topics like slavery, ‘Black Lives Matter’, the wage disparity between Black women and White men, and the number of Black single-family households in America… but save that for a time when you are more comfortable with each either.

And for the first few months, politics and religion should be completely off the table!


#4 Her hair. 

First of all, don’t touch it. EVER!

Second, if you compliment her hair, keep it to a minimum. Black women have the versatility to wear weaves and wigs (of different color, texture, and length), extensions, clip-ons, microbraids, or go completely natural to achieve a look — and may switch it up frequently!


#5 Do not tell her how racist your friends and family are. 

If your relationship progresses, she will want approval and acceptance from this group.

Interracial dating is the culmination of experiencing new cultures and experiences.         

Do not deny her this opportunity — although, protect and defend her! You do not want her to walk into a trap. There’s a lot bias and resistance to interracial couples, even in 2023.

Sit down with the people in your life and let them know how important your new girlfriend is to you and how much you want them to like her too.

Once they get to know her, they will undoubtedly also see the same things you do in her!


#6 Never voluntary anything sexual or kinky UNLESS she invites the topic into the conversation! 

Flirtation is amazing. Let it fly! But, keep it to a limit. One of the biggest blunders you can make is pushing this agenda too soon.

Let her imagine what it would feel like to be affectionate and intimate with you. Sex is a natural part of what couples do, but what is your rush?

Appearing too pushy and eager is a guaranteed dealbreaker!


#7 Interrogation and judgment. 

Does she have a college degree? From where? What did she major in? What does she do for a living? Is she a high earner? What is her credit score? Why does she live in that neighborhood? How many guys has she dated? What happened? 

Of course you want to know these details about her, but it’s a date, not a job interview! Allow her time to share her “resume” with you at her pace — and you should do the same.

A Black woman may have had to be disciplined and persevere over a lot of challenges that you didn’t. It’s not a competition and you should not come off as being judgmental and intimidating over her life’s path up to this point.


In Closing

There you have it: 7 Things White Men Should Never Do When Dating A Black Girl! – Part One

Just a reminder, this is a two-part series. Check back in with us soon for part two!


The Bottom Line

If you are interested in exploring an interracial relationship, start with joining an interracial dating site. It’s a subtle way of “testing the waters” to determine if it could work for you.

You’ll meet like-minded people like yourself who are open to the idea of meeting someone of another race and exploring where it could lead.

The most important benefit of interracial dating sites is that it removes the mystery of whether she may be interested in White men or if he is interested in Black women.

Plus, you have the safety and security of chatting online before you provide your number or agree to meet in person. I’d also recommend a video call as well beforehand.

InterracialMatch.com - the best interracial dating site!

Click on the InterracialMatch.com banner above to get started… IT’S FREE!.. and let us know how it worked for you! ♥

Recommended Reading:

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